07 June, 2007

Mercedes C63 AMG Official: 457Hp & 0-100km/h In 4,5 sec

Someone let the dogs out quite earlier than we expected, but hey, that’s totally ok with us. While we’re waiting for the white collar folks down at Stuttgart to finish off eating their mini-wursts so they can upload the press release let’s see what we have beginning with the heart of any sports car. Under that bulgy hood the 2008 C 63 AMG is hiding

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05 June, 2007

A Car with Street Smarts - LEXUS LS 600h L

WITH IPODS, GPS systems and actual humans vying for your attention,it’s easy to get distracted while driving.The Lexus LS600h L keeps you focused by spotting obstacles ahead,making sure your gaze doesn’t wander,and even helping you maneuver around hazards.To see if it works,I tried repeatedly to crash the V8 hybrid luxury sedan-into traffic cones.

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